My Mission:

To improve mental health in the workplace for the benefit of employees and employers

To create a wider understanding of wellbeing in life and in business.

To make mental health and safety (and well-being) as important as physical Health and Safety.

To cultivate best practices in business and individuals so as to reduce the undesirable effects of neglecting mental health and wellbeing.

To empower individuals to be the best they can be for the benefit of themselves and those around them.

The Man Behind Think Mental Health:

Paul Longley

I’m driven to help break the stigma associated with “Mental Health”. There are 3 main stigmas weakness, burden, and embarrassment, that stop men from speaking out. With my work with Andy’s Man Club, we are helping pave the way for men to know that #ItsOkayToTalk and to break the stigma.

For the past 3+years, I've helped create a safe environment for men to come and talk without these fears. With my work I've become a regular speaker within the Hull business community, speaking to audiences of 800+ for the likes of Siemens, Arco, Smith & Nephews, Victoria Plum, ResQ, Department of Work & Pensions.

I love to bang the drum for Andy’s Man Club and sharing my “next man” talk which is built on my own experiences and in those gained in helping myself and now over 2500+men (50<70 men weekly) tackle and manage their mental health.

My passion is built on 32 years of experience, in overseeing production management for one of the cities largest food manufacturers in Smales Group of companies. Within this role I've led & managed 80+ staff.

I also find the time to work as a talent Identification scout and have been for 26 years. Working with Leeds rhinos and now working with my beloved Hull FC in their youth development scouting role.

This is built upon my work in helping to tackle a huge problem.

The problem: one man every two hours in the UK take their own life just stop's! THINK ABOUT THAT!