Meet Paul Longley 

My name is Paul Longley and I set up Think Mental Health to improve wellbeing in the workplace for employees and employers alike. Having personally suffered poor mental health for over twenty years, my courses take real life experience and transform it into a positive, practical and powerful method of teaching about mental wellbeing. 
Through insightful and enjoyable lessons, I show businesses in Hull, East Yorkshire and across the UK how to focus on mental health just as much as physical health, which can lead to incredible results. 
Recently Think Mental Health was awarded Start-Up Entrepreneur Of The Year at the Hull & East Yorkshire People In Business Awards. 

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Why is mental health so important? 

The last few years have seen a major shift toward supporting the mental health of employees across every sector. 
This has been further accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic, as it became clearer than ever that mental wellbeing is directly linked to an individual’s confidence, performance and happiness. 
When an employee’s mental health is supported, they and the business benefit in multiple ways. Don't take our word for it, watch the video below to hear about the busines benefits. 
Higher levels of productivity 
Reduced illness and absenteeism 
More open conversation in the workplace 
Greater trust between employee 
and employer 

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Find out more about our courses 

First and foremost, the tailored mental health first aid courses delivered by Think Mental Health are specifically designed to make your employees feel comfortable and valued. 
As part of a safe, friendly and caring atmosphere, together we will explore a wide variety of mental wellbeing topics and discuss any obstacles that are affecting the performance of your teams. 
Level 1 Course: 
Mental Health Awareness 
(4 hours) 
This beginner’s course is perfect for businesses and organisations of any size, as it has been expertly designed to provide learners with the knowledge to identify key mental health conditions. It also helps your employees to nurture the skills required to start a conversation and directs them towards sources of professional help. 
Level 2 Course: 
Mental Health Champions 
(1 day) 
Any business or organisation that wants to provide its employees with an even greater understanding of first aid for mental health will benefit enormously from this full-day session. 
Level 3 Course: 
Leading and Supervising 
(2 days) 
This course goes into extreme detail on a wide range of mental health conditions and the type of support available from healthcare professionals. It covers the content of both the Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications but is aimed at trainers, assessors and supervisors within your workplace. 
Youth Mental Health Course 
Ideal for young people 
(1 day) 
Mental health affects young people just as much as adults. In fact, equipping children and teenagers with practical knowledge and sources of support gives them an excellent start in life. 
Employee Wellbeing Package 
This package is catered to your needs but will give you a greater understanding of your team’s mental wellbeing and allow you to proactively handle mental ill-health within your company.  

My mission 

Mental wellbeing is both my passion and my calling. I work with businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes to deliver relatable mental health training to employees and their management teams. 
Whichever mental health first aid courses you choose, they all share the same mission: 
Train your staff to spot signs of suspected mental health conditions 
Empower your employees to support themselves and each other 
Embed a lasting mental health awareness culture across your workplace 

The dangers of poor mental health 

Problems relating to mental health don’t necessarily make themselves known immediately. In many instances, an individual will feel increasingly affected until they reach a tipping point, which may result in them requiring sick leave and respite care. 
Think Mental Health is dedicated to helping people start crucial conversations and take control over their mental wellbeing. By understanding the warning signs, being open to discussion and playing their part in creating a supportive work environment, each of your employees can actively prevent relatively small issues from growing into highly disruptive problems. 

Book a meeting 

To find out more about mental health first aid courses in Hull and East Yorkshire, give Paul a call on 07702 177764 or 01482 564215. Alternatively, fill in our contact form and I’ll get back to you right away. 
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